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Meet David

As a unique practitioner, David combines education, professional experience and life experiences.

David combines academic study, professional experience and life experience of personal struggle into understanding and compassion of a different kind.

David has also spent many years working in leading private psychiatric hospitals with people suffering addictions and eating disorders.

It is this in-depth understanding, personal experience and breadth of knowledge that translates into positive outcomes for David’s clients.

David offers a highly specialised approach to healing through his Psychotherapy Addictions Support Groups and individual therapy. The combination of these treatments provide clients the highest chances of success.

Addiction wants you to wait

Now is the time to make the commitment

Our range of services includes:

David is an accredited Yalom Process Group Psychotherapy practitioner. This is a highly specialised mode of treatment that speeds up personal growth and supports recovery from addictions and/ or codependency issues.

David works with both family members and those who have been addicted and are themselves recovering.

David not only recognises substance addictions but also what is known as process addictions, for example; gambling, sex, exercise and gaming.

David is not talking from a textbook alone. The latest research indicates the best person to assist another with addiction issues is someone who has themselves recovered.

David offers all group therapy and 1-1 therapy options through Zoom and face to face consultations at his Balmain Practice.

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